State of the Cohort Program, June 2016

Congratulations on completing Year 1 of the Media Smart Libraries Cohort program!


Here is a list of some of the amazing things you may have done in Year 1:


  • completed the digital badge program to be a certified Media Smart Librarian
  • participated in continuing education workshops and public events that stretched your knowledge and skills about digital and media literacy
  • implemented new library programs and lessons
  • presented to a group of colleagues and or stakeholders about relevant topics
  • communicated with others using new tools such as Twitter
  • created content such as blogs and graphics
  • participated in a professional learning network using a new collaborative tool, Basecamp
  • curated lists of experts, organizations, and resources to learn from and share with others
  • hosted a MSL workshop
  • facilitated a MSL workshop
  • promoted the goals and events of MSL
  • developed a disposition for lifelong learning through reflection
  • attended additional professional development opportunities such as workshops, webinars, and conferences
  • purchased your digital kit
  • attended the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy




Anticipated Expectations for Year 2 - October 1, 2016 - September 30, 2017.


MSL Workshops and public events will continue to be held but a shift toward presenting and evaluating the impact of the program will occur. 

Cohort members are now leaders who can help show the value and importance of digital and media literacy skills to practicing librarians, educators, parents, and the greater community.



How will you be involved?

You can... 


  • facilitate workshops to share the digital and media literacy knowledge and skills they have acquired
  • host workshops and events
  • be interviewed by external evaluator for program evaluation purposes
  • volunteer to help sustain the goals of the program beyond September 2017 at a state-wide level
  • write blogs for the MSL website sharing your innovative practices and activities 
  • promote the workshops, events, and goals of the program to colleagues and others
  • collaborate with GSLIS students on short programming activities or in a PFE context
  • continue participation in the cohort PLN on Basecamp by sharing new ideas, resources, and questions
  • propose a collaborative presentation at a local or regional conference

Others ideas?