Stop Motion Animation

December 9, 2015. Coventry, RI. Media Smart Libraries teamed up with the Rhode Island Musuem of Science and Art (RIMOSA) for the fun-filled workshop, Stop Motion Animation on a Budget. This workshop, held at the Feinstein Middle School Library, was designed for school and public librarians interested in starting or growing animation programs in their libraries.

Facilitated by Bonnie Epstein, Executive Director of RIMOSA, the workshop began with a presentation on four different types of animation techniques: hand-drawn, paper cut, pixilation, and object. Epstein explained the differences in animation media by showing video clips and shared tips and tricks on how to achieve each animation effect.

Next, the librarians were able to test their stop motion animation skills. In addition to their imaginations, all they needed for supplies were the Lego Movie Maker App, which is available for free; an iPod; a tabletop tripod; and some materials such as paper, beads, and objects.  Attendees worked in groups of four to create their own stop motion animation clips using one of the four animation techniques that Epstein presented. A shared screening of each group’s clips provided an entertaining conclusion to the hands-on session.  To reflect on their new knowledge and skills, the participants discussed the ways in which they might implement this activity in their library practice. Ideas included creating stop motion videos to promote library events or starting after school stop motion animation clubs. One school librarian thought that she could integrate stop motion animation into a biography project that she does with her students. Rather than creating dioramas or PowerPoints, she would have them produce stop motion clips highlighting an important fact about the person they were researching.

Attendees not only walked away with a greater understanding of stop motion animation and its potential in the library, they also received a number of resources to help them successfully implement programming in their libraries. Epstein provided detailed instructions on how to use the Lego Movie Maker App and distributed a handout that included a supply list and lesson planning resources.  

Due to popular demand, Media Smart Libraries will be running a repeat session of Stop Motion Animation on a Budget on February 3rd, 2016.