National Media Literacy Expert, Faith Rogow, Facilitates MSL Workshops

September 26th, 2016

9:30am - 3:30 pm

Warwick Public Library

WARNING:  Maven of Media Literacy Education Approaching

Dr. Faith Rogow will join Media Smart Libraries for two cannot-miss workshops:

  • Warwick Public Library. ABCs of Media Literacy (Sept. 26th).  

  • Cranston Public Library. Media Literacy Without Judgment (Sept. 27th).

The first full-day workshop, ABCs of Media Literacy, on September 26th at the Warwick Public Library, will question how, when we talk of traditional literacy, we often talk about creating “print-rich” environments and, by doing so, contradict the movement urging children to become productive and literate digital citizens.  This workshop explores how to reconcile this contradiction with strategies to encourage emergent media literacy.

We’ll model the inquiry and reflection we expect to use with children by engaging in conversations, interactive presentations, and activities to explore:

  • How to use media literacy education methods to provide the foundation that young children need to thrive in the digital world

  • How to integrate technology in ways that foster curiosity, creativity, communication and collaboration (hint: it’s not just about finding the right app)

  • How our approach changes when we think of librarians as Chief Inquiry Officers

  • How to design and implement your own inquiry-based media literacy activities

  • How to serve as media mentors for families.

  • How to respond to objections about media and young children without abandoning our own concerns

The September 26th event is hosted in partnership with the Children’s Services Fall Meeting with OLIS.

Sept. 27. Cranston Public Library.

Media Literacy without Judgment: Strategies for Engaging Young People in Reflection about the Media They Use and Create

Sometimes it can be hard to watch young people using media technologies and not be concerned. But when we engage youth using our own fears as our primary lens, we’re likely to be met with resistance, disdain, or indifference. In this upbeat workshop, we’ll share an alternative strategy that doesn’t require abandoning our concerns: a skills-based, constructivist approach that respects youth media culture in the same way we might respect their ethnicity or religion. Rather than focusing on critiquing teen behavior or media choices, the goal is to help young people see themselves as capable of the inquiry and reflection that they’ll need to successfully navigate the demands of an increasingly complex digital world. You’ll walk away with concrete ideas for activities, as well as an understanding of the pedagogical foundation that make the activities effective so you can design your own activities.

About Faith Rogow:

Often described as the maven of media literacy education Faith Rogow, Ph.D., has dedicated her work to understanding and harnessing the power of media for education.  You may know her from her groundbreaking article, “The ABCs of Media Literacy,” from her involvement in founding, or from her award-winning educational outreach for children’s media with her video, Understanding Teletubbies: A Field Guide for Grown-Ups.  If you don’t know Dr. Rogow, then now is your chance to connect, reflect, and learn from one of the great thinkers in our field.

Monday, September 26, 2016 - 9:30am to 3:30pm