Rhode Island Technology Conference

Exciting free conference coming up on Saturday, Oct. 17th at the RI Convention Center! Lunch included and reduced parking fee. Work toward your Media Smarts Badges by applying this as a 2 point activity. This is not a Media Smart Libraries workshop or event so it must be used as a 2 point activity.

Attending this event could be a 2 point activity. The activity could be applied to "Analyze and Evaluate" or "Reflect" badge. For evidence librarians must write a reflection responding to these prompts:
1. Describe one of the RIDE Innovation Powered by Technology presentations you attended.
2. How did something you saw or heard at this presentation tie into the Media Smart Libraries goal of "advancing the digital and media literacy skills of librarians."
3. What personal takeaways can you share from attending this event?


4. What would you take back to colleagues and/or your library program?

Check out registration here

 Attending a session at this conference could be applied as a two point activity towards either:


Saturday, October 17, 2015 - 8:00am to 4:00pm